Contrasting Sharply Archives

Old Caravan
Ghostly Sheets
Pregnant Cat
Dry Shadows
Basketball Hoop
Adelaide Park Valley (Panorama)
Bunch of Red Flowers
Metal Spring
Guinea Fowl Takeoff
Oversaturated 4WD
Kershaw Waterfall #2
Kershaw Gardens Waterfall
Brick Wall
Bunnings Poles
Stained Glass Leaf
Plant Eyes
Shaved Palm Tree
Our Horse
Horse Legs
Turkey (the bird, not the country)
A little bit of Architecture…
Palm Fronds
Grave Flowers
Backyard Bonfire
Beach Grass
Water Tank at Dusk
Stack of Wooden Beams
Swiss Army Knife #1 – Studio Shoot
Two Day Old Kittens
Rising Creek
Stone and Concrete Blockade
Double Head National Park
Puffed up Spiky Fish
Kite Buggy
Row of Reflectors
White Cockatoo
Yawning Cat
Dog’s Nose – B&W
Rose Leaf 16:9 Format
Wet Gerbera
Raindrops on a Red Rosebud
Tyre Tube
Mirrored Pebbles
Palm Frond from Below
Enhanced Tiger Flower
Freshly Washed Lychees
Bunch of Lychees
Mangrove Claw
Purple Flowers
Green Frog
Paths of Light
The new Contrasting Sharply